Acision unveils cloud data centres

Jennifer Scott News
5 Jan, 2012

The mobile messaging mogul reveals a number of new data centres to build on its Cloud Service Store.

Acision today announced new data centres, based on cloud computing technologies, to enable the firm to offer more on-demand messaging services across the globe.

Europe is among the first regions to get the “advanced data centres,” which will aim to provide scalable resources for its Acision Cloud Service Store, regardless of your location.

Aimed at operators, the store itself is for mobile messaging services. The first features available will be personalised messaging services (such as group messaging), auto-reply, auto-signature, message copy, personalised black or white lists, distribution lists, multi-SIM, alias and divert.

Both North and South America also have these new data centres going live, but the Asia Pacific (APAC) region will have to wait to get the same capabilities.

“As we continue to experience the magnitude of global connectivity that is enriching our lives it’s essential that we enable operators to use Acision’s Cloud Services to quickly and cost-effectively grow revenues by offering innovative mobile services which can be easily monetised and rapidly adopted by consumers,” said Jorgen Nilsson, chief executive (CEO) at Acision.

The data centres will benefit from 24/7 support, to increase reliability, and offer reporting tools, including Acision’s own key performance indicator (KPI), to show how well the services are performing for each operator.

“With a global network of data centres we will enable operators to realise the power of the cloud, encouraging a more dynamic mobile messaging landscape with greater service differentiation at a lower cost and with faster delivery,” concluded Nilsson.

Acision first announced its move towards cloud back in September, when the company revealed it would be offering its messaging products in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

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