Google: 2012 to be ‘huge year’ for SMB cloud

Jennifer Scott News
22 Dec, 2011

The Silicon Valley sweetheart claims the next 12 months will see SMBs getting deeper into cloud computing.

Google is set to invest more heavily in the cloud as its enterprise division predicts big rises in SMB adoption for next year.

Amit Singh, vice president of Google Enterprise, wrote on the firm’s blog this week that take up of cloud computing by SMBs in 2012 would be “huge.”

After claiming the move towards the cloud was “inevitable” and listing Fortune 500 companies who were already on-board, he added: “We also expect that 2012 will be a huge year in the cloud for small businesses, which represent 99.7 per cent of all US employers, yet only 10 per cent of SMBs have deployed cloud technologies.”

As such, Google will continue building on its cloud applications over the next 12 months to offer what business, both big and small, need from their web applications, operating systems or devices.

“Our computing experience is designed for today’s world and built with entirely modern technologies far more powerful than the PC… to benefit businesses of all sizes,” wrote Singh.

“Our 100 per cent web focus lets us innovate faster while delivering best-in-class reliability, security and support.”

On top of cloud development, he also promised further advancements in mobile and social technologies from Google.

“Cloud, mobile, social,” added Singh. “Fast, lightweight applications that make it easier to work with others from anywhere. Those are the areas driving our investments for 2012 and transforming the way we work.”

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