Nimbula offers migration away from public cloud

Jennifer Scott News
20 Dec, 2011

The ex-Amazon developers encourage users to move to private or hybrid solutions with its new service.

Nimbula today unveiled a new service offering to move people away from the public cloud and back into private, or at least hybrid, models.

The Nimbula Cloud Migration Service helps customers to both design and build an internal cloud, as well as carry out the actual data migration from one model to another.

The company claims users might begin using the likes of Amazon EC2 for its low cost and flexibility but, as the business grows, they will have more to invest in infrastructure and might want to “regain control” of their public cloud implementation.

“Customers love the flexibility and self-service aspects of public clouds such as Amazon EC2,” admitted Nishan Sathyanarayan, director of professional services at Nimbula.

“They often want those same benefits and control in a deployment model that uses both their own and public infrastructure. The only way to achieve the proper cloud economics in that case is to leverage commodity clouds and layer infrastructure and application services on top of them.”

Sathyanarayan added: “By providing the technical design and migration plan, our customers can confidently execute a seamless migration into a robust and cost-effective private or hybrid cloud solution and balance their investment in public clouds.”

It might sound like wishful thinking but, as ex-developers for Amazon’s EC2 offering, they know their competition inside out.

In fact, chief executive (CEO) and co-founder Chris Pinkham, claimed to have ‘initiated’ EC2, and is also the ex-vice president of engineering at

In September, Nimbula launched an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform – Nimbula Director 1.5 – for managing compute and storage.  

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