Apple chokes iTunes Match UK launch

Jennifer Scott News
19 Dec, 2011

Just hours after launch, Apple closes subscriptions to the cloud music service.

Apple attempted to launch iTunes Match in the UK this weekend, but had to stop subscriptions within hours.

The service enables users to backup their music to the cloud and replace any lower quality tracks they have with the equivalent from the iTunes store, allowing them to stream the songs over any Apple device.

It has been available in the US since last month on a yearly subscription, but the UK launch has instantly faced glitches and stopped eager users from signing up.

When logging on to iTunes and trying to access the new service, we were presented with the error message: "iTunes Match is temporarily not accepting new subscribers. Please check back later."

Reports suggested it wasn’t ready to go live, but a bug allowed UK users to sign up regardless.

Virtual Clouds contacted Apple to find out what the issues where but it had not returned our request at the time of publication.

This is the second Virtual Cloudsduct Apple has launched this year, linked closely to its first – the Apple iCloud.

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