Take That! Website copes with user surge thanks to cloud

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16 Dec, 2011

An online retailer coped with user demand thanks to cloud hosting

An online sweet shop can thank cloud computing for meeting demand after a chance remark by pop star Gary Barlow let to unprecedented demand on its website.

The surge was caused by the X Factor judge tweeting to his million followers “‘Check this bag of goodies out www.AQuarterOf.co.uk”. Fifteen thousand people followed his advice instantly,  a situation that could have caused serious problems for the retailer.

The company had moved to cloud-based hosting from Iomart in order to cope with just this eventuality, having been hit by surges of popularity in the past.

 Michael Parker, managing director of A Quarter Of, said: “Michael Parker said, “I noticed a surge in traffic to the website last week when the tweet went out but nothing more dramatic than that”

He added that past experience had been very different.   “We've had sudden surges of traffic and frequently had the server go down,” he said. “In one instance in the run up to Christmas in 2003, the site went down for 8 hours and I ended up with an email inbox with 5,000 emails in it. We had to put
the phone on automatic answering because we just couldn't cope.”

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