Cloud computing giants sued by Kazaa founder

Jennifer Scott News
13 Dec, 2011

Amazon and Google are amongst the companies in the firing line from Kazaa’s Kevin Bermeister.

Some of the biggest names in cloud computing are being sued by the founder of Kazaa for patent infringement.

Kevin Bermeister was himself sued by the music industry back in 2005 for his P2P filesharing system. Now, as the chairman of PersonalWeb – a software and services firm – he is going after the likes of Amazon and Google.

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald – his hometown newspaper – claimed PersonalWeb last week filed separate cases in the US District Court for the eastern district of Texas, naming Amazon, Caringo, Dropbox, EMC, Google, NEC, NetApp and YouTube as firms infringing patents owned by the company.

The filings claimed eight patents had been infringed overall, with technologies such as identifying, processing, distributing and controlling access to data online all being used.

Patents are a big part of PersonalWeb’s portfolio, or appear to be thanks to a clear statement on its website.

“PersonalWeb owns several base level patents that are fundamental for many elements of cloud computing, many distributed search engine file systems, various content addressable storage and social networks,” it reads.

We contacted all of the companies involved in the suit but none had returned our request for comment at the time of publication.

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