Outsourcery launches new products and cloud consultancies

Enterprises need to hear about how the cloud can help businesses, not hear more cloud jargon, says Outsourcery.

Virtual Cloudsviders should be using more business phrases and stop blinding potential customers with cloud jargon according to an executive for service provider, Outsourcery.

“Talk of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS is confusing to potential customers, “said James Griffin, director of product strategy with Outsourcery, “they’re interested in business applications and how cloud is going to help their business.”

Griffin was speaking at The Future of Cloud, an Outsourcery event in London where the role of cloud within business and the impact of the technology on the sales channel was being discussed.

To support its drive into cloud, Outsourcery has announced three consultancy services.  “The first one will look at cloud readiness,” said Griffin. “It will assess whether your business is ready to move into the cloud or not. The second consultancy service will look at how to migrate and the third one will examine how companies cab build on that and optimise their presence in the cloud.”

The company has also announced a range of new products, ready to be rolled out in the new year, and building on Outsourcery’s support for Lync, Microsoft’s voice integration product.

These products include Mobile Cloud for Lync, Call Centre for Lync, a new Business Continuity product and a Mobile Management offering.

Griffin said that the company would only be launching products that its customers demanded so, for example, the company would not be launching virtual desktop products as the ROI of investment was very low for a technology that was so complex and time-consuming to install.

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