Logicalis UK links with CA Technologies

James Stirling News
12 Dec, 2011

The IT integrator chooses CA’s Automation Suite for Clouds to add to its private cloud.

Logicalis UK – the British arm of the IT integrator – today announced a tie up with CA Technologies to offer some of the firm’s private cloud solutions to its own customers.

The company will be adopting CA’s Automation Suite for Clouds – a solution it only launched in July this year – to enable provisioning and managing of private clouds, with features including workflow automation and self-service application and infrastructure delivery.

Customers provided the technology by Logicalis will be able to get clearer information on metering and billing of their own services, as well as pay for the solution on either a fixed rate or per use.

“Private clouds have moved beyond virtualisation and our customers want to leverage private cloud as a single platform for consistent ICT service delivery,” said Chris Gabriel, marketing director at Logicalis.

“Our strategy is to allow customers to think about the delivery of ICT services, not about managing an underlying cloud infrastructure, and, further to a market place assessment, only CA Technologies has the same vision and ability to deliver solutions that enable this significant and important transition.”

This isn’t the first time Gabriel’s firm has utilised CA, as it already runs its Cooperative Enterprise Cloud Service using the company’s service automation and service assurance tools, alongside energy and sustainability management solutions.

“By adding CA Automation Suite for Clouds to their existing cloud offerings, Logicalis UK will offer a new set of capabilities that enable IT to provide cloud-based services to their customers rapidly and more cost effectively,” concluded Roger Pilc, general manager of virtualisation and automation at CA.

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