Dynatrace extends AI-powered software intelligence platform to hybrid mainframe environments

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The solution was developed to eradicate "blind spots" in cloud infrastructure

Dynatrace’s Davis AI engine has been updated with support for native support for IBM Z support for CICS, IMS and middleware, to offer end-to-end data visibility in hybrid environments.

It means businesses running a combination of data environments are now able to track performance, whether they're using a cloud-based set-up, traditional mainframe or both to run their apps.

“While enterprises are moving applications to modern cloud stacks for agility and competitive advantage, these applications often still depend on critical transactions and ‘crown jewels’ customer data residing on IBM Z mainframes,” said Steve Tack, senior vice president of products at Dynatrace.

“This puts pressure on these resources to perform tasks that were not envisioned when the mainframes were launched.”

Although mainframe still leads the worldwide transaction-led infrastructure - powering 30 billion transactions a day - Dynatrace recognises firms are increasingly moving to the cloud to transform their processes. And as they're making the move to the cloud, Dynatrace explained that organisations are finding “blind spots” in their current back-end monitoring tech.

A slip up, or missed data could mean huge costs for businesses, not to mention performance issues for end-users, lost transactions and other issues that can affect its reputation as well as its bottom line.

“Because Dynatrace provides end-to-end hybrid visibility, customers can optimise new services, catch performance degradations before user impact, and understand exactly who has been impacted by an incident,” Tack added.

“This enables customers to confidently innovate applications that leverage data from mainframes to increase revenue, build brand loyalty, and create competitive advantage.”

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