Citrix acquires Cedexis to optimise hybrid apps

Cedexis' traffic management expertise will run alongside NetScaler

Citrix has bought internet traffic management company Cedexis to help businesses optimise the performance of their hybrid-based apps and content.

The acquisition will fit in alongside Citrix's NetScaler to improve the way applications work in hybrid environments. Cedexis's app delivery and traffic management platform keeps track of web performance, working out the best way to traffic data to make them work more effectively.

This tech will be absorbed into Citrix's network portfolio, with the aim of improving the way a company's hybrid apps perform as businesses flock to the cloud from legacy architecture.

“IT teams will be able to respond and act quicker when troubleshooting network issues, managing load across clouds, and handling capacity changes to scale with business needs,” said Steve Shah, VP of product management at Citrix.

“Moreover, IT can reduce network and cloud costs while providing the best end-user experience. It’s like combining GPS and a self-driving car to ensure traffic takes the most efficient and effective route; it is a game changer.”

Citrix explained the move will expand the company's offering to include real-time traffic steering based on telemetry data, plus the added bonus of advanced analytics and insights that dynamically adapt to apps and networking conditions. The combination will result in better operational performance and guarantee business continuity across applications, it claimed.

"Citrix and Cedexis are a natural combination. We see tremendous value for our customers and partners, along with significant growth potential for our solutions,” Ryan Windham, CEO of Cedexis, added.

"It makes sense to combine our offerings into a comprehensive secure digital perimeter approach, which unifies and delivers the apps, data and services people need to be productive.” 

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