Rackspace teams up with Redapt for hybrid cloud offering

Redapt and Rackspace have teamed up to offer private cloud hardware with public cloud hosting

The future of cloud is hybrid says Gartner, companies are looking to combine the pay-as-you-go model of public cloud with the control offered by their own data centre. Tapping into that desire, Rackspace and Redapt have teamed up to provide a hybrid cloud offering based on the OpenStack cloud operating system.

Using Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition, service provider Redapt will provide the hardware, fully configured to the customer’s specification. The company said that it will complete all integration testing at the Redapt test centres prior to installation and claimed that it would deliver all hardware to a customer’s data centre within 14 days of ordering.

The offering would enable customers to offer their employees the ability to self-provision services, while allowing the IT team to retain control over access.  European customers will also benefit from European data centres, meaning that they can conform to EU data retention regulations.

Rackspace said the new offering would help companies avoid vendor lock-in. “Other companies and coalitions have solutions that lock in customers, but our complete infrastructure and support solution is open in every way possible making it easier for companies to grow and change their IT needs,” said Jim Curry, general manager of Rackspace Cloud Builders.  “The combination of Redapt and Rackspace enables a customer to have a fully packaged private cloud off the shelf and operationally managed/supported by OpenStack experts – anywhere they choose."

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