Alfresco moves its CMS to the cloud

Jennifer Scott News
3 Feb, 2012

The open source organisation unveils its latest platform, with cloud computing at its core.

Alfresco today announced the release of its latest content management system (CMS), firmly focusing it as a cloud solution.

The Alfresco Enterprise 4 CMS embodies the company’s new ‘cloud connected content’ approach by enabling data to be accessed from any device, synced with other cloud services and published on cloud-based websites, whilst being managed by the business at its centre.

A statement from the firm claimed traditional Enterprise CMS’ couldn’t deliver cloud content due to being ‘trapped’ in legacy architecture, whereas start-up firms only have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ cloud mentality, not allowing for the wider range of rich data and features available.

Alfresco claims its latest version is the happy middle ground, so businesses can revel in the power of older models with the flexibility of newer cloud systems.

"Never before has the focus of enterprise software been so squarely on empowering users to not just get work done, but to do great work by collaborating anywhere, on any device, with the tools of their choice,” said John Powell, chief executive (CEO) and co-founder of Alfresco.

“Alfresco is the company best positioned to bring enterprise requirements and the power of the cloud together to create real value for both companies and their employees."

The new CMS has a HTML5 interface, ensuring capability with multiple mobile devices – especially tablets – and has built-in integration for Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Quickoffice HD. The additional mobile features allows for content to be accessed and edited on the move from any device.

It has also introduced social features, allowing visitors to ‘like’ content or ‘follow’ other users, increasing the community feel of a website. Content can also be published directly to channels such as YouTube, Flickr or LinkedIn.

Alfresco claims all the new features gives performance improvements, with content uploads executing three times faster, user dashboard queries 10 times faster and up to 50 per cent faster loading times for rich content.

The full cloud version of Alfresco Enterprise 4 is still in beta but will launch fully in the first quarter, giving early participants 1TB of free cloud storage for signing up.

It will also launch DropBox integration at the same time as well as roll out its cloud syncing technology, to bring together the on premise and external resources.

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