Eurocloud awards highlight European creativity in cloud

The inaugural Eurocloud awards have highlighted the best of European cloud companies

A French workflow company was the big winner at the inaugural Eurocloud awards held in Paris. Other winners were a Luxembourg-based cloud company and two Swedish firms in an event that celebrated the best of European innovation in the cloud.

The winner of the best cloud solution of the year was French company, Runmyprocess, described by Eurocloud’s vice president, Phil Wainewright, as an online platform workflow that connects other online applications. “It connects, for example, Google Apps to Salesforce or a cloud solution like Salesforce to on-premise software, something like SAP for example.” He said that it had been designed to be easy to use so that users would not have to make reference to IT departments.

Wainewright said that Runmyprocess was a particularly worthy winner. He said that it was an ingenious solution, “We think that someone like the Americans have done that – we don’t think of the Europeans having that creative touch”.

The awards, which were drawn up from winners from individual countries, attracted several hundred entries. “It’s hard to put a figure on it,” said Wainewright, “as countries were responsible for their entries.”

Other winners of the awards were Luxembourg company EBRC, for its Trusted Cloud initiative, Swedish newcomer Several Nine, which managed MySQL in the cloud, and another Swedish company, e-Builder, which worked on streamlining supply chains.

The UK was represented at the awards, although Wainewright said that the UK entry was smaller. “There were a lot of entries from France and Germany, in the UK we had a low-key publicity run.” However, Financial Force did win third place in best overall solution.

Wainewright was pleased with the inaugural awards. “I think it’s really important to put the spotlight on what’s happening in cloud in Europe and now we’ve got it rolling it’s going to be huge in 2012,” he said.

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