Panda Security upgrades software to improve performance

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24 Feb, 2012

Microsoft and Panda Security offer new version of cloud-based security with improved application performance and global availability

Computer users frustrated with the costs of security and maintenance of their anti-virus software are increasingly turning to cloud-based security for ease of use. Panda Security has upgraded its Panda Virtual Cloudstection 6.0 software in an attempt to improve perfomance of its cloud-based offering.

The security application is hosted on a Windows Azure platform in an effort to reduce operating costs by up to 30 percent, improve application performance and to decrease service down time significantly.

The cloud-based antivirus product was developed by Panda Security in collaboration with Microsoft in an effort to extend global availability to all Panda customers, improve upon product testing and to offer an ISO compliant application.

Panda have highlighted various improvements on this version compared to previous ones, namely improved protection, such as enhanced default background scans, and additional policy control to stop unknown files. The upgraded product has also been enabled with antivirus shield improvements to prevent malware attacks. Panda Security has also designed the product to perform incremental updates in an effort to use less bandwidth.

In addition, the new version of the software has been enabled with device control technologies that help prevent the spread of malware through USB data storage devices and DVDs. Panda also provides users with access to the real-time cloud security firm’s Collective technologies, providing the latest in information on malware and virus threats.  

Pedro Bustamante, senior research advisor at Panda Security has remarked that the agreement is good news for customers. He said that, "the agreement with Microsoft has increased our management capabilities. It has provided us with virtually unlimited IT infrastructure and enhanced our dynamic adjustment capabilities."

The beta version of Panda Virtual Cloudstection 6.0 which is available for download for users is presently free during a promotional period and for pre-existing Panda customers migrating to the new solution.

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