ActivIdentity security looks to tempt banks to the cloud

Jennifer Scott News
21 Feb, 2012

Fraud detection as a cloud service is the icing on the cake for its 4TRESS appliance, claims the security firm

ActivIdentity has announced new features for its 4TRESS authentication appliance, utilising the cloud to boost banking security.

All banks now encourage customers to use online banking facilities, but the risk of fraud is highly increased when accessing accounts via the public internet.

New regulations from the likes of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)also add to this pressure.

ActivIdentity believes moving fraud detection to the cloud gives it a more real-time nature, enabling it to react as quickly as possible to any threats and keep up-to-date with new tactics used by cyber criminals to try and attack banks.

"With this enhanced offering, ActivIdentity is bringing together best-in-class strong authentication technology and real-time fraud prevention capabilities," said Christy Serrato, solutions marketing for financial services at ActivIdentity.

"The innovative 4TRESS Authentication Appliance solution is ideal for banks and other financial services organisations required to comply with the stringent FFIEC mandate, protect against emerging online attacks and meet evolving business requirements and ever-changing user needs.”

Serrato also claimed the extra levels of authentication the company has included - specifically multi-channel authentication - will help protect users wanting to access online banking via smartphones and tablets, which, due to lower security on the devices themselves, is becoming an increasing risk to financial institutions.

Other features of the updated device include further authentication through SMS for large transfers, two factor authentication and 15 DDIEC compliant authentication methods.


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