AVAST launches free cloud security software

Jennifer Scott News
9 Feb, 2012

The latest update to the free anti-virus software brings in cloud capabilities for swifter updates.

AVAST Software today announced the release of a new anti-virus product, utilising cloud technology to keep it up to date.

Avast! 7 uses a hybrid cloud approach, where the user downloads the software but updates are push out to them over the cloud.

Ondrej Vlcek, chief technology officer (CTO) at AVAST Software, claimed any updates the company wants to make can be sent out to users “in minutes,” helping customers tackle the onslaught of viruses aimed at PCs.

The company aims to update the software 20 times a day to begin with, but this will rise along with the number of viruses discovered.

“Our Virus Lab adds about 25,000 new virus signatures daily,” said Vlcek. “Instead of waiting for an update two or three times a day, users will get streaming updates as new malware is discovered throughout the day.”

Once streamed, the new protections will sit on top of the other database updates on a machine and come into affect straight away.

“We believe this is a better design than a cloud-only system where the malware information is not stored and users have to be connected to remain protected,” added Vlcek.

The avast! 7 beta is available to download now. 

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