Star teams up with NCC to offer reassurance for cloud users

NCC is looking to offer smaller businesses assurance over the security of their source code

Cloud service provider Star has teamed up with security and authentication specialist, NCC in an attempt to offer assurance to companies concerned about the safety of their source code in the event of a move.

NCC has joined the Star-administered UK Cloud Alliance and will be offering its escrow services to those organisations looking to preserve their vital code. An escrow service is where property (in this case, data) is held by a third-party. The service would cover eventualities such a Virtual Cloudsvider going bust, a desire to move to another provider or the need to recover data after business disruption.

Grant Tanner, Star's business development director said that the company had tried to deal with customers' security concerns, “the biggest barrier to cloud is security, so we’ve done something about it. We've offered physical security and logical security– security as a service – but the missing part of the equation is a bond service.”

He said that NCC became a part of the Cloud Alliance in order to offer that level of service. “A third party can provide the assurance to protect user. An extra level of security for a business to secure the network

As more companies move to the cloud, there's a growing need to protect their existing data said Tanner. “For instance, if we engage with someone with lots of ERP in their system and they want to move to cloud: that code is integral to that business – this service provides them with a level of portability,” he said.

Essential to the offering is the transparency of pricing, said Tanner. He said that the minimal set-up costs of £1295 and running costs of £1,075 a year for a single software licence made it a cheap option for businesses looking for piece of mind. The only other option would be indemnified security he said and that would be more expensive. And NCC's long experience in this field is a key factor,. “NCC have been going for 30 oddyear – the pedigree of trust is sublime.”

The service is being launched today and Tanner thinks that it's a unique offering. “Nobody else is doing this: nobody seems to have thought of doing this, which is incredible when you realise that it's the number one barrier.”

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