Symantec's Norton set to secure passwords through the cloud

Jennifer Scott News
1 Feb, 2012

The division of Symantec enables logins to multiple sites and devices with one secure ‘master password’.

 Norton has announced the beta launch of Norton Identity Safe, which aims to use the cloud to secure multiple devices and logins.

Rather than having to carry a number of passwords for different websites, the beta sets up one master password and uses the cloud to enable it across multiple devices, be it an Android phone, iOS tablet or home PC.

Norton Identity Safe also includes Norton Safe Web, meaning in addition to the password tools, users get extra security protection on their mobile and home devices when accessing risky websites or by identifying dangerous URLs.

Research conducted by Norton claimed 38 per cent of respondents still wrote passwords down, with 45 per cent using the same login already across multiple sites. By utilising the cloud, the risk to users should be decreased, whilst still only having to remember one login.

Extra features of Norton Identity Safe include the ability to share links via social networks safely, as well as offering thumbnail images with their logins so they know it is a genuine programme.

As it is in the beta stage, Norton is keen for feedback from its users and has asked them to visit its forum to share their experiences.

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