Firehost launches European cloud

Jennifer Scott News
26 Jan, 2012

The cloud company, which boasts its security credentials, opens up its services to Europe.

Firehost has expanded its cloud services into the European market, hoping to crack a region that “takes security more seriously.”

The company, which sells itself on its ‘secure cloud hosting,’ chose to announce its roll-out at this week’s Cloud Expo Europe, and chief executive (CEO) Chris Drake spoke to Virtual Clouds about the move.

“We have had a lot of demand from US companies who want to use us to expand into Europe,” he said, “as well as European companies coming to us and asking when we will be hosting in their [region].”

“We have been pushed and pulled here and have already lined up customers. We are not just stepping into the market with a toe; we are throwing [ourselves] in.”

The company will host two facilities in Europe, within Equinix data centres. The primary base will be in Slough, with a back-up location in Amsterdam.

Although Drake was clearly excited about expanding into the UK, he did have a few bugbears with the difficulty in setting up a business here.

“It is difficult to set up from a business perspective in the UK and the legal hoops you have to [jump through] are challenging,” he said.

“However, it is where the market is and we want to be in the centre of that.”

From a cloud server to an entire virtual data centre, Firehost has all the hosting options on offer, along with a 100 per cent SLA, no contractual agreements and scalable resources.

However, it is security Firehost is proud of, providing web application protection, real-time reporting of blocked hack attempts and mapping of the origin of attack.

“The US has been so concerned with big security, such as borders and terrorist attacks, it hasn’t been looking at the smaller security,” he concluded.

“Europe takes security more seriously and has a more sophisticated approach. We want to be part of that.”

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