Predictions, predictions everywhere, but are there any facts?

With a new year on its way, future gazing is everywhere. It isn’t always fruitful for cloud security though…

Don't you just love this time of year? No, not Christmas, but the end of the year and prospect of a new one. I do, as it's when everyone with something to say – or quite often nothing to say at all – comes proudly out of the shadows to shout it out loud.

Yes, I'm talking those New Year predictions that every journalist is already well and truly fed up with. Mainly, I have to say, because they never really do much in the way of jaw dropping, trouser shaking, and brain exploding forecasts.

Cloud security predictions are not bucking this trend.

Gartner has predicted, for example, that by 2016 some 40 per cent of enterprises will "make proof of independent security testing a precondition for using any type of cloud service".

That's less a prediction and more a dead cert, apart from the numbers of course. I'd be amazed if less than half of enterprises thought it worth checking that their proposed Virtual Cloudsvider has been properly evaluated and certified as compliant and secure.

I would like to think that 100 per cent would do that, and even allowing for tightwads, idiots and know it all blowhards, the number surely shouldn't drop below 90 per cent?

Perhaps what Gartner should have predicted was within four years only 40 per cent of Virtual Cloudsviders will have seen the good business sense in applying for some form of approved third party security and compliance certification, with 60 per cent adopting a ridiculous 'if they want to audit us, let them audit us' approach (which is doomed to failure).

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