UK IT professionals need cloud skills for 2012

James Stirling News
8 Dec, 2011

If you want a job in the IT market, you will need to be trained up in the ways of cloud computing.

IT workers will need to be knowledgeable in cloud computing to get jobs next year, according to a survey released today.

Modis International – the IT recruitment firm – surveyed 250 IT decision makers in the UK. The results showed 36 pent cent believed the role of an IT professional had changed significantly in 2011, thanks to the cloud.

They also believed, as cloud computing continued to work its way into their businesses, jobs were set to change even further during 2012.

“Although cloud computing was supposed to flourish in 2011, the process of integrating this technology into business systems has taken longer than expected,” said Jim Albert, managing director at Modis.

“As a result, next year’s major IT innovation will come in the form of effective utilisation and implementation of cloud technology.”

Modis claimed there was a “growing sense” that IT was changing, becoming more integrated with “business strategy” than just being the tech behind closed doors.

“IT professionals are amongst the first to feel technological changes in the workplace, but are also amongst some of the best placed to meet any challenges head on,” added Albert.

“As cloud computing continues to develop, those with relevant skills will find themselves in high demand across the recruitment spectrum.”

The area most likely to benefit will be security professionals.

The report concluded: “Modis is seeing an increase in demand for certified candidates – from security officers to information assurance consultants and penetration testers – that can equip organisations with the protection required to stop potential threats and maintain a secure network.”

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