Mobile operators 'well placed' to become Virtual Cloudsviders

Jennifer Scott News
27 Feb, 2012

The CEO of Telecom Italia claims mobile providers have all the skills to offer cloud services to their customers

Mobile operators have all the skills needed to become the next generation of Virtual Cloudsviders.

This was the claim of Franco Bernabe, chief executive (CEO) of Telecom Italia, made during his keynote speech at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

He said cloud services could offer "interesting opportunities" to the big guns in the mobile market and they already had what was needed to make the move into cloud computing.

"Mobile providers have the assets, the local knowledge... the footprint needed to deliver cloud services," claimed Bernabe.

"Mobility cloud services create value both for us and for our customers, allowing them to access applications regardless of the platform they use, the device they use or where they are."

However, there was a much more specific issue Bernabe felt the cloud could be utilised for in mobile: security.

The increase of "over the top" companies, providing services on mobile phones without working with the providers or sticking with their "established standards, leaves gaps in security, he claimed.

"Over the top level applications without standards is becoming an increasing issue that is difficult, if not impossible, to deal with," said Bernabe.

"Cloud services could offer interesting opportunities that could address these issues."

Bernabe also said the cloud would be useful for providing network security, making it external from provider sites but having an over-riding view of all the issues the network faces.

"If you remove network issues, it provides better user experience," he concluded.

Cloud is a massive theme for MWC this year so expect many more stories from us here on the show floor.


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