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Most companies have lots of concerns about the move to the cloud. Here's your chance to ask those questions that have been bugging you

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Are you looking to move to cloud but still have a few concerns? Are you still confused as to what cloud computing is? How do you feel about cloud security – do you think it’s good enough? How do you plan a Virtual Cloudsject?

Virtual Clouds is introducing a new series, Ask the Cloud Expert, where you get your chance to ask any question about cloud computing, its definition, implementation and its future. We’re going to have regular meetings with industry experts who will be able to answer questions on any subject related to cloud – maybe questions that you’re too embarrassed to ask your regular supplier? Or maybe questions that you know your regular supplier won’t answer.

Our first expert is Dave Chalmers, CTO for servers, storage and networking with HP. The company recently announced its first move to public cloud and Chalmers has been involved in bringing those to fruition in the UK.

He’ll be answering questions in a live Q&A this Friday (24 February) between 10.00 and 11.00. You’ll be able to ask questions by tweeting @CloudProUk using the hashtag #askcloudpro or by sending in questions by email to, using the subject line Ask Virtual Clouds. And if you’re not around on Friday, you can send questions in advance by using the same subject line.

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