Workers' new demand: cloud. When do they want it? Now

Employees are moving faster than their bosses in calling for new cloud services - it's the new demand

Companies may be moving slowly to the cloud but their employees want to move even faster. Nearly two-thirds of British workers (62 percent) want to see their day-to-day software transferred to the cloud according to a new survey from Virgin Media.

The service provider found that workers were well ahead of their bosses in their enthusiasm for cloud –only 16 percent of organisations are currently using cloud technology.

The Virgin research, which surveyed 5,000 organisations, found that employees in the public sector were among the keenest to adopt cloud with 61 percent of staff wishing that all their applications could be transferred to the cloud. The government has recently announced the imminent availability of a government-run apps store to provide applications for the public sector.

However, the survey also found the usual inhibitors for cloud take-up with 28 percent expressing concerns over security, with a similar number of respondents worried about data management.

Tony Grace, chief operating officer of Virgin Media Business, said: “This year will see the cloud take off.  But it’s not just the public sector, one in ten businesses has already started investing in cloud technology. This should come as no surprise given the benefits that can be gained through cloud technology such as only paying for what you use rather than having to build your infrastructure to cope with peak demand."

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