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6 Feb, 2012

Following the success of its first Tech Talk, Spidergroup tries to lure more SMBs with technology guidance

Following the success of its first Tech Talk, the IT company tries to get more small businesses excited about technology with a second installment.

Spidergroup today announced it would host another 'Tech Talk' in Bristol, aiming to get more businesses interested in the technology at their disposal.

The first talk in November 2011 focused squarely on cloud computing and had 100 attendees from small business ready to learn.

Now Spidergroup is opening the topics up to other associated areas, such as mobile applications strategies, dealing with developers and the opportunities of Big Data, hoping to get a similar response.

"At Spidergroup we're keen to tech local businesses about technology," read a statement from the company. "We know (SMBs) don’t have time to read several blogs on the matter and we understand that technology isn't always at the top of the agenda."

"However, what we like to demonstrate at our events is that having the right technology can be crucial to your business."

Speakers at the event include Matt Hatch, head of Red7Mobile, Fred George, software developer at the Forward Internet Group, and Geoffrey Roberts, who deals with data for Nokia.

The event will be held in Bristol on 29 February 2012 and tickets are free. For more information, click on the event link here. (techtalks2.eventbrite.co.uk)


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