CIF to create online certification courses for cloud computing

The Cloud Industry Forum is looking to improve knowledge of cloud by introducing online course

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is set to introduce online training courses for non-technical staff in an attempt to demystify cloud computing. The courses are set to be introduced on the CIF website following their introduction at the forthcoming CloudExpo Europe event.

CIF chairman, Andy Burton, said that the courses should provide a way for users to cut through the marketing hype and speak with a common language. The courses will be introduced with a seminar programme at CloudExpo, enabling attendees to receive advice from experienced practitioners.

Subjects covered will be: understanding cloud terminology and deployment models; assessing cloud readiness and deployment options; assessing cloud vendors; managing a hybrid IT environment; negotiating cloud contracts;  standards and cloud services; deploying to the cloud, and managing data protection.

All participants will be invited to take an online course, leading to a CIF Certificate of Cloud Competency. 

Burton said that the aim of the certificate was to improve understanding of the cloud all round. “This not a highly technical exam, it’s aimed at improving the general understanding of cloud computing,” he said. “We want everyone to improve their general understanding of cloud computing.”

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