Cloud computing: The highlight of RLB’s 2011

Jennifer Scott News
3 Jan, 2012

The IT manager of Rider Levett Bucknall waxes lyrical on how the cloud has improved his business in the last 12 months.

Cloud computing has let IT departments improve their image from “money pits” to a place for opportunity during 2011.

This is the belief of Mark Evans, IT manager at Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB), who told our sister title IT Pro that cloud was his highlight of the last year.

“Cloud has given people of an ‘infrastructure’ bent, like me, a new set of tools and opportunities to drive cost out of our organisations,” he claimed.

“In the current financial climate, cloud has given people in my position an opportunity to say to the business: ‘Not only can I get you something better than what we have, I can get it cheaper - considerably cheaper!’”

Evans catalogued the long list of what he saw as the pros of cloud computing, including the environmental benefits, the remote working opportunities the removal of capital expenditure. However, it was the gain for start-ups he seemed most enthused about.

“[Cloud] levels the playing field,” he said. “Start-ups can have all of the processing power they need, on tap, rather than waiting for an invoice to be paid before they can invest in better service to their clients.”

“[Also], ‘large’ organisations can be run from humble premises - their internet presence can give them ‘clout,’ backed by the cloud's ability to fund their required capacity.”

Whilst others may be ranting about how the iPad was the top tech from 2011, Evans offered his own opinion on Apple’s flagship device.

“Some people might say ‘what about the iPad as tech highlight of 2011?’ but my response would be: get rid of cloud and see how useful your iPad becomes,” he added.

“Soundcloud? Gone. Hosted email? No. Dropbox? Not a prayer. Skydrive? In your dreams.”

Evans is one of IT Pro’s Leader Board; a group of industry leaders and decision makers, coming from a wide range of industries but, all sharing the common goal of delivering business value through IT.

They will be giving advice to readers throughout 2012. Click here to find out more.

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