12 cloud predictions of Christmas: Evolution not revolution

David Chalmers Advice
27 Dec, 2011

HP's David Chalmers tells us what he thinks will happen in cloud computing during 2012.

I see there being a couple of key themes for the coming year, based around the rapid maturing of the overall Cloud market as it gets past the hype and into the reality.

In 2012, it is clear that the market understanding of just what cloud technologies are and the benefits they can bring is moving past the initial hype and, let’s be honest, confusion to a more stable and realistic position.

Most organisations have now spent time working on what cloud means for them and are looking to make the pragmatic, sensible investments and changes they need to, to make the most of cloud and the delivery of IT solutions as a service. Time is of the essence and having worked out what the need to do, I expect to see a significant increase in the levels of adoption. Less talk, more action.

Hybrid is the key
The key learning that most organisations have made during 2010 and 2011 is that there is almost never one answer to the challenge laid down by cloud.

Some solutions will remain in-house and on premise; some will be sourced from a global public provider; many will be somewhere in-between.

The key point is that almost every organisation will have some of all of the options – public, private, hosted – and that they have to get comfortable with the management challenge of making this environment coherent, stable, comprehensive and safe. The big word for 2012 will Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid with management the main focus area.

In 2012, the focus will shift from “can I, should I?” to “we are, we have to - but how do I integrate, manage, control this new environment?”.  

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