Oracle helps customers integrate data in the cloud

The Oracle Data Integrator Cloud merges data from third parties for more insights

Oracle has built a cloud service designed to bolster the insights customers can glean from their data, then share them with the entire organisation.

The Oracle Data Integrator Cloud takes data from third parties including other data systems, IoT devices and applications, and injects them into Oracle apps like Oracle Database Cloud, Oracle Database Exadata Cloud, and Oracle Big Data Cloud to offer better insights.

It will also support other big data technologies including Hive, HDFS, HBase, and Sqoop, meaning it’s a flexible solution for new and existing customers, according to Oracle.

This data can then be used to generate more in-depth insights for the organisation, whether the data is used by staff or by business applications.

It will enable companies to be more agile, allowing them to deploy projects faster, reduce risk and reduce costs, Oracle said. It will also boost productivity, because developers won't be spending time coding unnecessarily.

“To be effective and agile, enterprises need seamless communication and flow of data between sources and targets - data originating from IoT, Web, and business applications or data that is stored in the cloud or on premises,” said Jeff Pollock, vice president of product management, Oracle.

“Oracle Data Integrator Virtual Cloudsvides businesses with a high-performance, simple, and integrated cloud service to execute data transformations where the data lies, with no hand coding required, and without having to copy data unnecessarily.”

Oracle's Data Integrator Cloud uses a flow-based UI to help customers better manage their code. It also offers development, testing and production environments, so businesses won't need to switch between staging infrastructure - everything is available from one place.

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