Microsoft announces cloud SQL Server Analysis Services

The product will enable businesses to analyse data in the cloud

Microsoft's SQL Server Analysis Services are now going to be hosted from the cloud, the company has announced, enabling busiensses to analysedatasets faster and more acurately.

A public beta of Azure Analysis Services has been made available, giving businesses access to semantic data modelling services that can help them make better business decisions using data stored in the cloud and on-premise.

It's built to work with the whole range of Microsoft SQL services, plus others provided by third parties, Joseph Sirosh, corporate VP of Microsoft’s data group explained.

“You can connect to multiple data sources in multiple places — in the cloud or on premises, whether they’re Microsoft’s, Teradata’s or Oracle’s — and have one business-intelligence semantic model that integrates across all that data,” Sirosh said. “You can then bring that data in and have extremely responsive dashboards and reports run on top of them.”

Businesses using Microsoft's existing SQL Server Analysis Services can simply move the models they've already set up to Azure, encouraging companies to sign up to extra-value Azure services. It will also integrate with Microsoft's Power BI data visualisation tools, exactly like the legacy software.

Microsoft thinks the fully-managed service will make it easier for organisations to set up the deployment too, with Microsoft managing the compute resources needed to run the analysis, while users can concentrate on getting the most relevant insights from the data.

In other SQL news, Microsoft told attendees at the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit in Seattle that it will be releasing new tools to help organisations migrate to the latest version of SQL Server, plus it has extended the free trial of Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

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