Teradata reveals new IoT analytics unit

Firm assembles data scientists and engineers to help grow its analytics offering

Teradata has announced a new global Internet of Things (IoT) analytics unit, to be based in the US, the UK and India, and focusing on creating new cloud-based analytics services to support innovation.

The analytics firm has assembled a team of data scientists, data engineers and software designers to help grow its analytics services for simplified analytics, data movement and database management in the IoT.

Oliver Ratzesberger, president at Teradata Labs, said: "We are making it easier for our customers to move sensor data around, optimise data management systems to deal with the massive volumes of data, and run real-time, advanced analytics against streams of IoT data. We're giving our customers powerful tools and technologies to analyse IoT data for new insights, applications and use cases."

The advanced 'Analytics of Things' services will offer early detection and resolution of issues in machines and devices using predictive analytics, and further apply machine learning and advanced analytics to system administration and DevOps tasks.

Last year, Teradata announced two apps – Teradata Listener and Teradata Aster Analytics - built to help companies analyse vast volumes of IoT data in conjunction with platforms such as Hadoop.

Alongside this new unit, new IoT data preparation capabilities and machine learning techniques will be added to Teradata Aster Analytics, allowing users to mitigate risk and reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Teradata Listener will get new connectors for easier acquisition and analysis of streaming sensor data.

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