Bull serves le Cloud with ‘how to bake’ recipes

While the rest of the industry is talking about “why” we should move to the cloud, Bull wants to explain “how.”

With foundations stretching back to the 1930s and a catalogue of corporate names extensions – including Honeywell, General Electric and Compagnie des Machines – Bull, or Bull SAS as the company is now known, is making a play for at least an entrée-sized portion of the cloud computing marketplace.

With a somewhat over-cautious tone perhaps, Bull’s Philippe Miltin suggested the journey to the cloud was “just starting.”

But, said the executive VP, his company’s “structured and pragmatic methodology” could help get firms past the structural and procedural changes needed to adopt cloud computing services successfully.

So, with fancy French flourishes aside, is Bull actually serving up an interesting new portion of nouvelle-cuisine cloud, or is this just another baguette-shaped morsel in an already overstuffed sandwich tray?

Bull’s USP may lie in its ‘Advisory Services for Cloud’ product. Described as a consultancy and change management led offering, this support service is based around “rigorous, rapid and independent” analysis, using the ITIL, COBIT and e-SCM methodology frameworks.

In particular, this consultancy service includes GPS for Cloud, a maturity and opportunity analysis option, as well as Compass for Cloud, a business need analysis function, including impact assessment and ROI measurement. These analysis functions are served with a side dish of Bull’s own service catalogue and details of the company’s technical reference architecture.

Specifically, Bull is aiming to invoke practical discussions aimed at defining optimal service levels, the unit cost of services, service quality indicators, security policies and tools, service continuity and process automation targets.

Now, of course Bull’s consultancy services do not necessarily set it apart from any other cloud services player per se, but fact that the company is playing a practical and pragmatic hand up front might at least count for something.

The company claims its focus is on “definition through to implementation to live operation” for critical cloud applications – and that it has built partnerships with VMware (around vCloud) and CA Technologies (around CA Automation Suite for the data center) to make this a reality.

Indeed, Bull’s branded ‘bullion’ cloud platform is designed to be a turnkey solution and is said to be fully integrated with VMware vSphere5, as well as being aligned with the EU Commission Data Centre code of conduct.

Sorry, was that the ‘bullion’ cloud platform or the ‘bouillon’ cloud platform? Well stock is made from simmering bones, whereas bouillon is made from simmering real meat; perhaps Bull intended for us to occasionally get that wrong then?

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