86% of companies are employing a multi-cloud strategy, report shows

13 Jul, 2018
Clare Hopping

A report by Virtustream revealed it provides better performance an innovation opportunities

Dell Virtustream gains certified Virtual Cloudsvider status for Australia

1 Jun, 2018
Clare Hopping

The company has gained Unclassified DLM classification to store data

Virtustream to launch blockchain-as-a-service offering

2 May, 2018
Adam Shepherd

Could Dell be gearing up to take on IBM?

“Hybrid cloud is the future for every industry”, says Virtustream

10 May, 2017
Adam Shepherd

COO claims customer dissatisfaction with public cloud players

Virtustream to swallow up VMware and EMC clouds

26 Oct, 2015
Jane McCallion

EMC and VMware will funnel hybrid cloud services into their co-owned Virtustream brand

EMC's acquisiton of Virtustream to benefit Europe

1 Jun, 2015
Joe Curtis Clare Hopping

IDC says the $1.2 billion deal will help boost EMC's hybrid cloud services, but Virtustream customers should be wary

Virtustream makes soup of Heinz's BI cloud plans

5 Feb, 2015
Caroline Donnelly

Food manufacturer turns to Virtustream's PaaS to make sense of BI data

Public cloud migration: go for easy wins first

25 Feb, 2014
Rene Millman

Which services should be put into the cloud first? Find the low-hanging fruit and go from there

Big data word cloud

Virtustream hooks up with Intel for Big Data cloud push

23 Oct, 2013
James Stirling

New product to let users carry out analysis of varied data sets securely and rapidly, organisations claim