Star Business

Founded in 1995, Star Business is a provider of on-demand computing and communication services to UK businesses. Using an advanced cloud computing platform, the company has redefined how business people use and pay for the technology that supports them. Star’s On-demand Business Services are easy to use and pay for and are available any time and from anywhere, removing unnecessary costs for hardware, software and ongoing maintenance. Star has UK based data centres that sit within a network and communications capability that forms the basis of the Star Platform, from which a wide range of computing and communication services are delivered to customers.

Government announces that CloudStore is open for business

19 Feb, 2012
Maxwell Cooter

The government apps store CloudStore is now open for business, a move that will shake up public IT

Rick Hudson dies aged 53

13 Jan, 2012
Jennifer Scott

CEO of Star is survived by his wife, two children and a company in mourning.

No longer needed: code can be sent to phone

Star introduces new levels of security to ease password worry

27 Oct, 2011
Maxwell Cooter

Star has launched a new security service that will complement existing password-based approaches

Loyalty or lock in? Cloud and the impact on customer relationships

23 Oct, 2011
Sue Tabbitt

One man's lock-in is another man's watertight support contract. How far does cloud help customer relations?

Ten things NOT to do in the cloud

26 Jul, 2011
Adrian Bridgwater

How to work with apps that won't move to the cloud