Best cloud hosting: Azure, Rackspace or AWS?

4 Jun, 2018
Clare Hopping Virtual Clouds

If you want your website to work really well, hosting in the cloud is your solution, but which providers are the best?

Make me famous! How cloud is powering the success of the film industry

24 Nov, 2015
Maggie Holland

That film you’re about to watch is brought to you by the hero of the piece - cloud computing…

IBM and Portico join forces on digital cloud services

10 Jun, 2015
Clare Hopping

The resultant products will enable businesses to build, test and deploy applications, content and experiences faster

Manhattan Associates takes onboard IBM Cloud offerings

15 May, 2015
Clare Hopping

IBM is now the e-commerce specialist's preferred IaaS provider

IBM opens up Cloud Resiliency Centre

23 Sep, 2014
Rene Millman

Big Blue also plans centres in India and Turkey

IBM secures Softlayer cloud with Intel’s chip security

9 Sep, 2014
Rene Millman

Softlayer users will be able to select trusted servers to secure workloads from chip to the OS layer

Softlayer debuts bare metal servers for hire by the hour service

27 Aug, 2014
Rene Millman

IBM-owned firm offers customers hourly billing for cloud services

IBM looks to bring BlueMix to middleware market

18 Mar, 2014
Adrian Bridgwater

IBM's decision to enter the middleware fray has once more brought the technology into focus

SoftLayer ups its game with Multiplay and KUULUU

15 Jan, 2014
Jane McCallion

Online gaming companies turn to SoftLayer for cloud computing support