Avaya boosts contact centre service with Google's cloud and AI tech

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cloud robot hand

Google machine learning-powered features will be integrated into Avaya's contact centre service

Avaya has boosted its partnership with Google by integrating the company's cloud services with its contact centre offering.

Google's Cloud Contact Center AI is now embedded into Avaya’s contact centre products, powering its virtual agents, agent assist and conversational topic modeling.

Its virtual agent tool uses Google Contact Centre AI to hold human-like conversations with customers, gleaning as much information as possible from them before passing them onto a human contact centre operative.

Customers can choose when they go through to a real person. But because Avaya’s platform collects the data about exchanges, it can use this to better refine its approach and decide if it's a better idea to pass a customer over to real-world agents faster.

Agent Assist uses Google's Cloud Platform to provide relevant insights to staff to help them fix customer problems. It can present information to staff using either voice or text exchanges and determine how the contact centre agent should respond. This is especially useful if an exchange becomes heated, for example.

Avaya’s Conversational Topic Modeling works in the background, constantly collating data about the topics customers are talking about. It helps agents understand the most popular topics at any time, helping them prepare for calls and communicate the best actions for the scenario.

“We continue to expand our AI-enabled solutions as well as our cloud offerings for customers ranging from small-medium business to the largest global enterprises, and further collaboration with Google is providing additional capabilities to augment the innovation,” said Chris McGugan, Avaya senior vice president of solutions and technology.

“By bringing these innovations to market for Avaya customers and partners, we enable them to make every customer interaction more meaningful and insightful, and more productive for their businesses.”

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