• SaaS lets users try before they sign up for long-term contracts
  • The pay as you go (PAYG) model proves very attractive
  • Businesses can scale up or down based on operational and seasonal demand
  • This model offers low risks but many benefits

Software-as-a-Service (Saas) is deployed over the internet and used by individuals or groups on a personal machine or local area network. Customers can often use software on a  “pay-as-you-go” basis by using the Virtual Cloudsvider’s licences, rather than buying licences themselves. This is why SaaS is sometimes called “software on demand”. In addition to  removing the need to buy, install and manage software at the user’s end, it also has the advantage of the software being accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

    How digital workspaces are changing the way we work

    21 Feb, 2020
    Zach Cooper Esther Kezia Thorpe

    The way we work is changing, and the way we manage our IT tools needs to change with it

    Organise your life with Trello

    13 Feb, 2020

    Swamped with projects and plans? This free service could be perfect for getting your tasks in order

    Amazon to help businesses develop custom voices for Alexa

    5 Feb, 2020
    Bobby Hellard

    Colonel Sanders will now reply to KFC customers instead of the default Alexa voice


    Six Nations broadcasts to get AWS machine learning stats

    22 Jan, 2020
    Bobby Hellard

    Conversion success predictions, heatmaps and tackle insights brought to screen with SageMaker

    Compleat targets global expansion with Sage Intacct integration

    16 Jan, 2020
    Daniel Todd

    The move forms part of Compleat’s plans to expand internationally in places such as North America and Australia

    German football league picks AWS to score with real-time data

    14 Jan, 2020
    Bobby Hellard

    The Bundesliga to build an NFL-style statistical platform with AWS machine learning and analytics services

    Warner Bros turns to AI to greenlight movies

    9 Jan, 2020
    Bobby Hellard

    Hollywood to use machine learning to spot the good, the bad and the ugly at the box office

    Open-source rivals considered suing Amazon over "strip mining"

    16 Dec, 2019
    Nicole Kobie

    The battle between Elastic and AWS reveals a wider concern about Amazon's impact on the open-source software industry

    Office 365

    Microsoft launches Office 365 phishing campaign tracker

    10 Dec, 2019
    Keumars Afifi-Sabet

    The firm hopes customers will be able to more closely monitor and contextualise email threats

    Amazon offloads Alexa processing to the cloud

    26 Nov, 2019
    Bobby Hellard

    The cloud giant reduces baseline hardware requirements for Alexa devices to make IoT services easier to deploy

    G Suite gets an AI boost with Google Assistant beta

    21 Nov, 2019
    Bobby Hellard

    Cloud giant adds voice commands, automated text suggestions and more to its enterprise suite

    People walking across a brick floor with cloud overlaid

    Five ways the cloud can benefit HR departments

    6 Nov, 2019
    Esther Kezia Thorpe

    From greater flexibility to advanced analytics, here are some key benefits of the cloud for HR

    VMware announces Carbon Black partnership with Dell

    5 Nov, 2019
    Bobby Hellard

    "It's clear that we are all stronger when we combine the right people and the right technology," says VMware

    What is SaaS?

    25 Oct, 2019
    Zach Cooper Dale Walker Clare Hopping

    What is software as a service (SaaS) and how can you take advantage of the benefits on offer?

    View from the airport: Commvault GO 2019

    22 Oct, 2019

    Despite a rocky year, fresh ideas and vision gives Commvault a second lease of life in Colorado

    Commvault CEO Sanjay Mirchandani addressing delegates at its annual GO conference

    Commvault sounds warning for multi-cloud “new world order”

    16 Oct, 2019
    Keumars Afifi-Sabet

    CEO Sanjay Mirchandani draws from the "scars of being a CIO" to promote his roadmap for the company

    Commvault Go 2019 branding

    Commvault launches ‘Metallic’ SaaS backup suite

    15 Oct, 2019
    Keumars Afifi-Sabet

    The sub-brand, built on Azure, launches with Office 365 compatibility

    Dropbox app being accessed

    Dropbox launches admin controls and collaboration hub amid major workspace push

    26 Sep, 2019
    Keumars Afifi-Sabet

    The cloud-powered file depository branches out into productivity with major updates

    Quantum computing image

    IBM's Quantum Cloud offers access to the 'single largest quantum computer system'

    19 Sep, 2019
    Bobby Hellard

    The company is looking to take the technology from the lab to the market with a 53-qubit machine

    Salesforce launches Manufacturing Cloud and Consumer Goods Cloud

    17 Sep, 2019
    Bobby Hellard

    SaaS giant is aiming to tackle the changing customer and market demands which have 'devastating effect' on the bottom line