Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, PEER 1 Hosting was founded in 1999 by Lance Tracey and Mark Teolis. Since 1999, PEER 1 Hosting has grown to include 17 datacentres and 21 network points-of-presence throughout North America and Europe. It offers cloud hosting via Zunicore, its public cloud division with professional-grade cloud built specifically for businesses. It also offers Self-Service HPC Cloud and Managed HPC Cloud to allow customers to focus on data and not the hardware, software and expert personnel required to build and to manage a supercomputing infrastructure in house.

Buyer beware - avoiding vendor lock-in in the cloud

26 Apr, 2013
Rene Millman

Cloud may still be the new kid on the block but beware of vendors using old tricks to keep users snared


PEER 1 unveils Mission Critical Cloud

2 Apr, 2013
Jane McCallion

New Tier 3-powered product promises easier cloud deployments, company claims

PEER 1 Hosting pushes public cloud with Zunicore

2 Dec, 2011
Jennifer Scott

The new division will offer public cloud infrastructure and platform services to the business professional.