This is the most basic of cloud services and is offered to even the smallest user. It allows you to back-up your data over the Internet to a secure hosted data centre. This is disaster recovery for the masses – if you lose, damage or destroy your computers or files, a copy of your data is held safe for you. The service is relatively inexpensive and security is usually good – your files are encrypted before you send them.

Things to consider include: can you get access to your backups via the web, how much can you store and do you want backups automated?

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CEO Sanjay Mirchandani draws from the "scars of being a CIO" to promote his roadmap for the company

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25 Aug, 2017
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But are backup firms' futures in B2B also under threat from the cloud giants?

Currys PC World scolded over misleading backup advert

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Watchdog rules that advert misled customers after ransomware victim complaint

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Revamped offering gives admins centralised management and billing

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Redstor saves student data from school fire

Case Studies
20 Oct, 2016
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Cloud backup service meant school could restore student data within two hours

Data backup is harder in the cloud, says IT

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CTERA survey: Backing up data is easier on-premise

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OneDrive update adds 3D Touch support

20 Jan, 2016
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App is also optimised for use with the Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

Microsoft speeds up Azure backups

11 Dec, 2015
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Azure Backup also now boasts better caching and retention rates