Cloud services

Almost £9m wasted on under-utilised cloud tech every year

25 Sep, 2019
Bobby Hellard

It's likely to continue unless responsibility for digital innovation is truly shared across the business, experts warn

Best Making Tax Digital software 2019: Make sure your accounting is MTD-compliant

29 Apr, 2019
K.G. Orphanides

The best cloud accounts packages for dealing with HMRC’s new tax rules

FreshBooks review: Slick, but shallow

23 Apr, 2019
K.G. Orphanides

Cloud accounting designed for freelancers and service-based small enterprises

FreeAgent review: Financial software you can count on

17 Apr, 2019
K.G. Orphanides

A hugely feature-packed small business cloud accounting suite, based in the UK

Xero review: Xero to (almost) hero

15 Mar, 2019
K.G. Orphanides

Comprehensive cloud accounting that's particularly well suited to sales-based businesses

Sage Accounting review: A capable but imperfect accounts package

7 Mar, 2019
K.G. Orphanides

Sage’s self-service accounting software is a good all-rounder, but leaves something to be desired

Best ERP apps

12 Jan, 2018
Clare Hopping Jessica Seamands

We round up the best Android, iOS and desktop apps to manage your enterprise resource planning strategies

Excel alternatives

30 Nov, 2016
Dale Walker Rene Millman

Excel is the top dog, but there are other options

AWS announces updates to Budget tool

25 Oct, 2016
Clare Hopping

New features allow businesses to keep tabs on and reduce cloud spending

SAP lets you swap tired spreadsheets for real-time finance data with RealSpend

17 May, 2016
Joe Curtis

RealSpend works on HANA Cloud Platform to help managers analyse and plan budget spends

Banking and the cloud: Everything you need to know

2 Nov, 2015
Maxwell Cooter Rene Millman Joe Curtis

How banks can use the cloud to their advantage

FreeAgent: from Top Gun to tax returns

22 Oct, 2015
Barry Collins

After a career as a pilot, founding a financial software business isn’t a traditional next step, but the idea took off like a rocket

Money tight? Consider your motivation before moving to cloud

13 Oct, 2015
Maxwell Cooter

Opt for cloud, but not at any cost. That's Max Cooter's advice...

Crowdcube chooses Rackspace Managed Cloud

Case Studies
28 Aug, 2015
Clare Hopping

The crowdfunding platform wanted to introduce a DevOps team without the outlay

Xero Premium review

7 Apr, 2015
K.G. Orphanides

Powerful small business accounting in the cloud

How to help your workforce make the change to the cloud

19 Aug, 2014
Mark Samuels

What happens when the upheaval is just that bit too drastic?

How to stop cloud costs escalating

12 Aug, 2014
David Cartwright

Going to cloud should help save money, just as long as you start on the right track and plan carefully

How much does it cost to migrate to the cloud?

23 May, 2014
David Cartwright

Ready to make the move to cloud? What's the impact on your budget?

Cloud costs - getting the measure of your outgoings

31 Dec, 2013
Nick Booth

Cloud computing is about getting more for your money. So why is it so hard to understand your costs?

Cloud costs - making sure a move to public IaaS isn't a financial drain

4 Oct, 2013
Rene Millman

Making the move to public cloud can be more expensive than you realise, how can you cut prices without cutting service?