HP snaps up Eucalyptus and puts Mickos in charge of cloud

12 Sep, 2014
Maxwell Cooter

Hardware giant takes giant leap in cloud market with acquisition of private cloud vendor

Phoney wars over open source deployment

15 Aug, 2014
Maxwell Cooter

Marten Mickos is really not stepping into the lions' den: the open source chief has more in common than you'd think

Eucalyptus updates cloud platform, puts more tech into open source

20 Jun, 2012
James Stirling

Cloud platform provider adds new features for rapid deployment, lifts kimono on code

Amazon and Eucalyptus reach agreement to co-operate on cloud

22 Mar, 2012
Maxwell Cooter

AWS has taken the first steps to supporting hybrid cloud services thanks to an agreement with Eucalyptus

Ubuntu moves from Eucalyptus to embrace Open Stack

11 May, 2011
Maxwell Cooter

Canonical is moving away from Eucalyptus as its foundation technology and is looking to adopt Open Stack

How open will the cloud be?

23 Mar, 2011
Adrian Bridgwater

Cloud computing has been built around proprietary software - will companies be able to use open source software in future?