Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services review: AWS packs in more features than any other cloud service provider

2 Aug, 2019
K.G. Orphanides Andy Webb

Amazon's one cloud service provider to rule them all isn't always the most economical option for SMEs

Amazon apparently planning to ditch Oracle 'within two years'

2 Aug, 2018
Adam Shepherd

The company will complete its migration to AWS by 2020, sources say

AWS unveils P3 instances for faster machine learning

27 Oct, 2017
Clare Hopping

The instances can be used with Amazon's Machine Image or Nvidia's AI Cloud Container Registry

Internet of Things

AWS Greengrass makes it easier for businesses to develop for IoT

9 Jun, 2017
Clare Hopping

Businesses can now use local servers to manage the data passing through IoT devices

AWS outlines upgrades to Beanstalk, EBS, and Device Farm

21 Apr, 2016
Joe Curtis

Cloud giant improves everything from data transfers to data streaming

Amazon Lumberyard: what the cloud-backed game engine offers developers

6 Apr, 2016
Aaron Lee

We assess what Amazon’s arrival in the game engine space means for the game industry and AWS

AWS launches free game engine, Amazon Lumberyard

10 Feb, 2016
Aaron Lee

Amazon GameLift service also lets you deploy servers quickly for online multiplayer

Cloudyn raises $11m funding to expand worldwide

15 Dec, 2015
Clare Hopping

Israeli company will focus on sales and marketing

Boosting cloud with faster connections

16 Sep, 2014
Steve Cassidy

How dedicated links make your cloud deployment work

Virtual desktop

AWS ups security in WorkSpaces with multi-factor authentication

14 Aug, 2014
Rene Millman

Adds Radius MFA to Desktop-as-a-Service

Where should your cloud datacentre be located?

7 Aug, 2014
Davey Winder

What are the factors you should take into account when it comes to locating datacentres?

Amazon - not on its deathbed yet

30 Jul, 2014
Maxwell Cooter

Anyone would think that AWS was in need of the last rites, but the company is very healthy indeed

SportPursuit takes flexible approach to drive sales

Case Studies
8 Jul, 2014
Rene Millman

Retail organisation turns to the cloud to ensure companies can handle fluctuating amount of traffic

UK cloud customers confused by choice

26 Jun, 2014
Alex Hamilton

Too many clouds spoil the adoption, according to a global survey of IT professionals

Cloud storage

Amazon EBS users bag low-cost SSD volume option

17 Jun, 2014
Caroline Donnelly

AWS now offers EBS users a choice of three different storage volumes for their application performance needs

Cloud society: building for a hybrid future

12 Jun, 2014
Jon Collins

The companies that understand the benefits of hybrid will be the winners in the long run

How to run databases in the cloud and not feel pain

7 Mar, 2014
David Cartwright

What are the problems of running your business's databases in the cloud? Not as many as you'd expect

AWS revamps SMB tech support and training offerings

4 Mar, 2014
Jane McCallion

Tech support and new functionality premiered by IaaS giant

How cloud is finding its place in the pharmaceutical industry

18 Feb, 2014
Billy MacInnes

Despite concerns over its regulatory environment, cloud has a role in the pharmaceutical world

Hybrid cloud obsession is not always the right course

18 Feb, 2014
Julian Box

Everyone's talking about hybrid cloud but do the sums always add up?