451 Research

70% of firms face skill shortages for server-based roles

21 Aug, 2017
Dale Walker

Companies say current applicants lack the skills required for on-premise management

Average cloud app costs $2.56 per hour to run, research shows

7 Nov, 2014
Rene Millman

Hourly price of cloud applications costs around the same as a cup of coffee, 451 Research shows

Cloud brokers: What are the benefits of using them?

24 Oct, 2014

451 Research's Dr Owen Rogers explains how brokers help firms get more from off-premise investments

The hidden costs of moving to cloud

10 Jan, 2014
Nick Booth

SMBs moving to the cloud must be wary of the five hidden financial pitfalls

Cloud costs - getting the measure of your outgoings

31 Dec, 2013
Nick Booth

Cloud computing is about getting more for your money. So why is it so hard to understand your costs?