1. Cloud services

    Surge in multi-cloud adoption reveals wider challenges

    20 Nov, 2019

    Businesses are most occupied with security and ensuring they have the right expertise in managing emerging cloud environments

  2. Microsoft Teams surpasses 20 million daily users

    20 Nov, 2019

    Announcement sent shares in Slack tumbling by as much as 10%

  3. Google Cloud and Vodafone mockup

    Vodafone launches 'Neuron' platform with Google Cloud

    20 Nov, 2019

    The cloud giant has built a big data platform for the telecoms giant with a 'data ocean'

  4. Google Cloud ramps up its migration partnerships

    20 Nov, 2019

    VMware, SAP and Windows workloads can be migrated through Google's new acquisitions

  5. Salesforce unveils Customer 360 Truth

    19 Nov, 2019

    Organisations will be able to better understand customers and, in turn, personalise and enhance their experiences, according to Salesforce


  1. Amazon Web Services review

    2 Aug, 2019

    Amazon's one cloud service provider to rule them all isn't always the most economical option for SMEs

  2. Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct review

    22 Jul, 2019

    A cloud backup solution well suited to protecting distributed offices but spoilt by a lot of rough edges

  3. Microsoft Azure review

    19 Jul, 2019

    A clear and cost-effective path for deploying your Microsoft office network in the cloud

  4. Spotify launches 'Lite' app

    9 Jul, 2019

    Smaller version of the music streaming platform designed for those with limited data plans

  5. Zyxel Nebula Control Center 2019 review

    21 Jun, 2019

    Cloud network management doesn’t get much easier or more affordable


  1. How to choose the right remote support software

    12 Nov, 2019

    Find out how the right tools can slash costs and boost productivity

  2. People walking across a brick floor with cloud overlaid

    Five ways the cloud can benefit HR departments

    6 Nov, 2019

    From greater flexibility to advanced analytics, here are some key benefits of the cloud for HR

  3. Multi cloud illustration on a blue and orange coloured background, with real cloud images overlaid

    What is cloud-to-cloud backup?

    28 Oct, 2019

    C2C backup is growing in popularity, so what is it, and how can it help your business if the worst happens?

  4. What is SaaS?

    25 Oct, 2019

    What is software as a service (SaaS) and how can you take advantage of the benefits on offer?

  5. The four cloud skills that are key for the channel’s future

    16 Oct, 2019

    What you need to learn to ensure a smooth transition to a cloud model